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Yamaha P121 SH3 Silent Piano

New and Used Yamaha P121

Below are some of our latest new and used Yamaha P121 SH3 pianos

Yamaha P121 SH3 Silent Piano - A Symphony of Craftsmanship & Innovation

Experience Richer, Deeper Soundscapes

The expanded dimensions of the P121 SH3 are not just for show. They pave the way for a more spacious acoustic chamber. The result? A sound that's not only powerful but also captures the subtle intricacies of an artist's expression. As with all creations from Yamaha's legacy, the P121 SH3 stands as a paragon of durability, designed with an unwavering commitment to enduring performance. It's more than a musical instrument; it's an investment that will accompany pianists throughout their journey, through their grades and explorative phases of musical evolution.

Silent Mastery with SH3 System

Equipped with Yamaha's esteemed SH Silent system, the P121 SH3 ensures practice sessions remain personal, without causing a stir in your surroundings. But it's more than just silent play:

  • Precision in Every Stroke: The SH3 silent system boasts non-contact hammer sensors, utilising 2-point detection optical fiber sensors, ensuring each keypress is captured with unmatched accuracy.

  • Detailed Pedal Movement: Every nuance, be it from the sostenuto, damper, or soft pedal, is meticulously registered, thanks to dedicated movement sensors.

  • Varied Sound Selection: Beyond the illustrious tones of the CFX Grand and Bösendorfer Imperial, the P121 SH3 offers a library of 25 distinct sounds. From electric pianos and organs to enchanting strings and choirs, the possibilities are expansive.

  • Elevated Sampling Techniques: The piano employs Binaural Sampling and Virtual Resonance Modelling for top-tier piano samples in silent mode. Moreover, Grand Expression Modelling technology recreates your performance through headphones with astounding authenticity.

  • Connect & Explore: Amplify your experience by connecting the P121 SH3 to external speakers or devices via USB. Additionally, you can seamlessly pair it with the Smart Pianist App through Bluetooth, opening doors to an array of functionalities.

This SH3 silent system isn't exclusive; it's optionally integrated into select models across Yamaha's P, U, YUS, SE series, and the distinguished SU7 model.


yamaha p121 sh3 piano polished ebony

Why Choose the Yamaha P121 SH3?

Whether you're a budding pianist or a seasoned maestro, the P121 SH3 caters to every musical need. Its Silent Piano™ technology ensures you can practice anytime without constraints, while its authentic touch and sound ensure a truly mesmerising musical journey.

Limited Stock Offer

The Yamaha P121 SH3 is in high demand. Secure yours now and embrace a world where tradition and technology play the perfect duet.

Market-Leading Prices and Unbeatable Offers on the Yamaha P121 SH3 Silent Piano

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